The 3 Biggest Challenges in Personal Finance Today

Old style personal finance: money in the chest
  • Because of the pandemic, three things are becoming very important in personal finance.
  • Some people struggle with how to find enough work and a decent income.
  • Others, with heavier debt burden.
  • Many will face the fact that their savings don’t keep their real value.
  • Ageless Finance blog focuses more on active and passive income sources.
  • And investments preserving their real value in the long run.

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Personal Finance in the Post-Viral World

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When I started this blog, there was still peace before the new coronavirus pandemic broke out. Since then, the ugly big crisis changed a lot of rules again. We will have to rewrite many schoolbooks again. Some old problems become much more important than before. Especially, three.

  1. Because of high unemployment, the worst problem for some people will be how to get enough active or passive income.
  2. Savers will struggle to keep the value of their investments. In a world where central banks print virtually unlimited amounts of money, inflation will eventually rise. But it is also enough if inflation does not fall sharply. Because the interest rate is zero or negative. But definitely will stay deep below inflation in many countries.
  3. The situation of indebted individuals, states and companies is mostly deteriorating in the crisis due to declining revenues.

(If the real interest rate is negative, the money loses its purchasing power. Even if interest is paid on it. See: Are We Facing Epic Inflation, Horrific Real Interest, and Brutal Gold Price Explosion?)

Pay Attention to the Real Assets

House with money - inflation may push up prices

So, it hardly makes sense now to deal with bank savings, deposits. Insurance is also less important to many people, although they may need a basic level of protection. People also think less about retirement when they have a problem with what they will eat next month. For that reason, on the Ageless Finance blog, we would like to deal primarily with active and passive income, second jobs (side hustles), freelancers. And investments that preserve their real value in the long run.

Real investments or real assets include precious metals, real estate, farmland, artworks, and, perhaps, collectibles. But equities (stocks) also provide protection against inflation and can provide a massive passive income. At least in sectors that keep performing well in times of crisis, pandemic, quarantine.

So, our slogan also has changed a bit:
Ageless Finance–Eye-Opening Stories with Common Sense–Frankly About Personal Finance, Private Investing & Passive Income

(Our original introductory article you can read here: Why Do You Need Ageless Finance? Priceless Lessons of Our Ancestors )

Learn To Be on the Right Side

Reading, learning, earning

The major central banks pour trillions and trillions of dollars into the world’s capital markets. So far, it has not been boring to buy stocks, bonds, or commodity products. But after the coronavirus crash, it became even more exciting. Big fortunes change hands this year, the clumsy lose, while the clever can win big. The question is which side will you be on.

While there may be instinctive talents, at least 99 percent of people are not. We have to study diligently, read a lot, think, analyze, do their homework. Easy, get rich quick recipes only exists in fairy tales. Or are just tricks to steal your money. This can you avoid if you are well prepared and know how to defend yourself.

About the Author In Brief

Name: Dean Crosby

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Occupation: Journalist, blogger

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Active investor: For more than 20 years.

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I’m not a certified financial advisor nor a certified financial analyst, accountant nor lawyer. The contents on my site and in my posts are for informational and entertainment purposes and reflecting my collection of data, ideas, opinions. Please, make your proper research or consult your advisors before making any investment or financial or legal decisions.


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