What Did I Learn From Apple’s New Series?


  • The first season of the series “See” was surprisingly good.
  • We have to count also on Apple in content production.
  • Increased competition is good for consumers.
  • But, competition may not be good for all the content producers.

It’s not the idea in Apple’s new series

I was lucky enough to be able to watch the first few episodes of the new Apple TV-series titled See. The series taught me several things. For example, that an idea itself is not everything, is not enough to success, almost nothing. Maybe 20 percent of all the success. (That’s what many entrepreneurs and venture capitalists also say, by the way.)

Because the basic idea by See is not new at all. The base story is the following: Everyone in a post-apocalyptic society is blind, and then someone who can see was born. Considered abnormal, sick, perverted or heretical by most others. However, a similar story was written 115 years ago by the famous writer H. G. Wells in his novel “The Country of the Blind”.

Apple took care of details

The point is in the implementation, which is completely professional, I say, who has seen a lot of science-fiction series with thousands of episodes in total. “See” keeps the viewer in a state of constant tension and excitement. The story is both fantastic and yet believable, though. The details of the apocalyptic world are elaborated with care. I suppose the budget for the series was high enough.

It is very reminiscent of “The 100”, other post-apocalyptic science-fiction series, in its best seasons, but this doesn’t detract much from its value. (On IMDB, “See” has 7.7 points of 10, the same as “The 100”, at the moment.) It’s similarly bloody and brutal, but somewhat intellectual and thoughtful. What does a thinking human do when civilization disappears around him? What are the eternal values, like love, self-sacrifice, heroism, family, love?

Weakness and cruelty

On the other side, what are the mistakes, woes, the worst features of mankind that existed in ancient times? And, unfortunately, are they likely to exist in the future while the world will exist? Like betrayal, cruelty, lust for power, insanity, lust for vengeance, and exploiting, neglecting to trample the others?

The other thing we can observe as a consumer, an investor, or a fan of modern technology and entertainment is how good competition can be. Apple TV+ and the similar new service from Disney, have just been launched, following Netflix and HBO Prime. They all strive to offer their consumers and the general public better content. And the audience is just wondering which one to choose. It’s easy to become addictive to more and more seductive content.

Chart: Apple, Netflix, Disney.
Chart: Apple, Netflix, Disney stock price. (Courtesy of Tradingview.com)

Yes, we ‘ll talk about Apple’s new series

It’s hard to imagine Apple were producing low-category, mediocre, or simply everyday content. Besides, the online streaming service is still very cheap and comes free with some Apple devices. Although Fool wrote that

Apple Really Blew It With Apple TV + (…) No one seems to be talking about Apple TV +, with its initial slate of content generating mixed reviews.

I don’t agree with this, I would be surprised if it did not change soon. Apple’s content will be as good as their devices. They have mountains of money to do it. The streaming revolution will truly be a revolution, the consumer will be the big winner, but maybe also some tech-giants and their shareholders. Those who figure out which company will be successful in the streaming revolution.

Some streaming services can fail

Because it is unlikely that the consumers will subscribe to 4 or 5 streaming television services at the same time. It is more probable that some service providers will sooner or later give up and write off the big losses, many millions of dollars spent. This will also appear in the stock prices. However, based on Apple’s new series, I believe that Apple TV + may cause some more positive surprises.


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