People Need Online Work and Fiverr Skyrockets – Chart of the Day

Freelancer at work
  • In the coronavirus crisis, online work is very popular.
  • Even full-time online jobs are possible.
  • Freelancing, self-employment, and part-time jobs complete the picture.
  • Fiverr and Upwork stock prices exploded.

Working from home

4 Main Online Work Types

Many people need online work and income opportunities in this coronavirus crisis. Dozens of millions of people may have lost their jobs globally, or are working less, only part-time. Others may want to find a second job to protect themselves from future crises. There are four main online working forms, here is a small list:


Full-Time Online Jobs

Many employees are working from the home office, doing their jobs online now. But there are also some places where you can find a full-time job even today. For example, at one of my relative’s company, accountants are hired. In the quarantine, they are completing an interview and making all the training in a video chat. The contract and the notebook required for the work are sent by post.

In other offline industries, like retail, food, people are hired in the delivery and distribution of goods. Hospitals are looking for nurses and other personal.

Multitasking, multi-source of money?


Part-Time Online Jobs

Part-time jobs are very popular now. Because the employer can reduce expenses and the employee can preserve at least a part of the work online. Some states like Germany in Europe are supporting part-time jobs with tax cuts. (It’s called “Kurzarbeit”, short-time work.) Although, I think a lot of companies are taking advantage of the situation and only camouflaging full-time work as a short-time work. They only give half the pay for complete employment. The crisis has led to a sudden increase in labor supply. And where supply is high, prices fall.

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Self-Employed In Your Internet Business

Your self-employed business can take many forms, you don’t have to think about a company or a workshop. Self-employment includes your private blog, any internet sales activity (like e-Bay), affiliate marketing, or products marketed on your private website. Writers, YouTubers, people living from their stock investments, or real estate property are also self-employed. Many similar forms of earning are referred to as “passive income.”

But be cautious. Building such businesses usually takes a least of months, but often years. (We wrote about it here: Is It Only a Myth? – the Genuine Truth About Passive Income) This online work requires an investment in money or time, which may not always pay off. So, you take always some sort of risk in your business.

Freelancer at work with the notebook.


Freelancer Online Work

You can keep your freedom and take on casual jobs if you are an expert in some profession or arts. Freelancers are often sought after in sectors such as software development, article writing, blogging, web design, graphic work, translation, online teaching, and so on. These jobs, works, or tasks are usually worth looking for on large freelancer job portals. Like Fiverr or Upwork.

But freelancers do not take on the risks of investing and building a business like the owners of independent businesses. They are employed and paid in the short term.

Year of Online Companies, Fiverr Skyrocketing

As the quarantine began, many activities went online, like work, entertainment, shopping. Many companies in these industries are the winners on stock exchanges, like Netflix, Amazon, or Zoom. Many people registered on services where an online workforce is asked. Like Fiverr, Upwork, and similar “freelancer exchanges”, workforce markets. The user statistics don’t seem to be public, but the stock price of these companies is reflecting high expectations of success.

Chart: Fiverr and Upwork Stock Price Change in 2020 (YTD).
Chart: Fiverr and Upwork Stock Price Change in 2020 (YTD). (

The market seems to be very positive about the spreading of online work opportunities. Fiverr stock price jumped 141 percent (more than doubled), and Upwork, 33 percent this year. Also, the quarterly report of Fiverr was better than expected. “Added over 30 new categories in Q1’20 and experienced accelerating growth across all verticals in April” – wrote the company.

Fiverr also announced its expansion globally. Spanish and French versions are coming, after the German version, launched in February. Upwork reported revenues increasing by 21 percent in the first quarter. But April, the first full month of quarantines, may have ended even better for many online businesses.

Where to Look for Online Work?

Fiverr ranks at place #364 in the “global internet engagement list” of Alexa. Upwork is number 848 at the moment. Other popular competitors may be:

If you are searching for job opportunities, read the guides of the mentioned online work portals. For example, the blog of Fiverr about the success on their page here. (I’m not affiliated with Fiverr or any other firm mentioned in this post.) To have a broader picture of the freelancer-industry, you can also search on Google, DuckCuckGo, or Startpage for topics like “Fiverr competitors” or “Fiverr alternatives”.



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