Oil Crash, Streaming in Quarantine, Best Investment in 2020 – Charts of the Week

The oil crashed, but oil stocks are fine. More people are using streaming services in quarantine. The currency devaluation is steep in many countries in 2020, what are the consequences? The best investment in 2020 is not what you think.

I started a new project on my financial web page, Agelessfinance, publishing now “charts of the day” for you, readers. I present you the summaries, if you are interested in the topics, just click on the pictures. The posts contain much more than a chart, also click if you want to know more about the background of the trends.

Currency prices, 2020

Weakest Currencies in 2020 and Severe Consequences to Expect

  • Countries that are heavily exposed to the crisis have devalued their currencies in 2020 by as much as 10 to 25 percent against the dollar.
  • The devaluation of raw materials, the collapse of tourism, and the contraction of trade are the main reasons.
  • The effects on a country can be both negative and positive. The greatest danger is that a vicious circle will form.

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Crude oil and oil stock ETFs (Tradingview.com)

You Have Been Warned about the Crude Oil Hazard

  • Two weeks ago, we wrote about the enormous dangers of buying crude oil and the benefits of purchasing cheap energy stocks instead.
  • This week, the historic collapse in crude oil prices has proved this perfectly.

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Media company stocks (Tradingview.com)

Life Is Too Short to Watch Garbage Movies and Series

  • Millions of people subscribe to streaming services like Netflix in the quarantine.
  • Traditional television is becoming a thing of the past.
  • Stock prices also show this picture.

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Uranium and Uranium Mines ETF (Tradingview.com)

The Best Investment in 2020 Was a Yellow Substance

  • The best investment in 2020 is not what you think.
  • Plenty of investment plummeted this year, with few exceptions.
  • Gold is rising this year, but it’s not the winner.
  • One of the most hated investments in the world, uranium rose sharply.
  • But uranium mines are still in the red.

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