7 Reasons Not to Gamble Unless You Are a Professional Player

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  • You are at a great disadvantage against a professional player.
  • Gambling has at least seven main hazards.
  • Mathematics and pros, scammers are the most negative factors.
  • Become a professional, or stay away from it!

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What If You Are Not a Professional Player?

Expecting an income from gambling is not a promising idea unless you are a professional player. There are two types of gambling, one depends entirely on luck and the other only in part. Gambling type games, where only luck decides, are roulette or lotteries, for example. Here, only numbers, cold math matters, nothing else. (Although many blog posts may claim something different.)

The organizers of the games don’t want to be unprofitable and file for bankruptcy. Therefore, they design their system from the base so it can’t cause them losses. They always incorporate a profit factor, a profit ratio, like the margin of traders.

You Maintain The Gambling Operators

The margin gives, in the best-case scenario, a modest and fair return for them. In the bad case, however, they can make high extra profits from players’ money. In the lottery, this works by paying people only a portion of the capital from the total income of the lottery tickets price. In roulette, zero and double zero play this role. This makes it mathematically impossible for players to win against the organizers in the long run.

The other gambling is when skills like intelligence, tactics, and other attributes also play a role in winning. Here plays human against human. (Unless a robot is disguised as a human in the online space.) In the vast majority of cases, who will win? The one who plays better. Although luck also has a greater or lesser role.

Amateur versus professional player

Here the danger is that the other person will be better than you. Because it’s not your main occupation, you’re not a professional, you don’t have enough experience. So, you will play worse than a professional player. Unless you can often play with weaker ones than you.

You may be super-intelligent or a special talent. But this is very rare. An amateur needs a lot of practice, attention, work to become a professional. The amateur, even if he or she is smart anyway, will always be at a disadvantage compared to the pros. This way, you only can make a good living off gambling if you become a professional player.

7 Reasons Not to Gamble Unless You Are a Pro

Maybe we’ve already convinced you not to gamble unless you are a professional player. If not, you’ll find five more arguments in the list below. We have summarized in seven items what you need to know about the most important dangers of gambling. (At the end you find some interesting links.)

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Gambling Is Very Addictive

You can see it in movies, you can read a lot about it. Many people become completely addicted to gambling. Just like others are captured by alcohol or drugs. If you think this can’t happen to you, only to others, you’re wrong. Addicts can bankrupt themselves or their families, gamble all their money. Some can even commit crimes to continue.

People don’t say “I’m gambling”. They play a game, or they bet, or they have some fun. Many people don’t understand how serious the situation can be.



The Laws of Nature Work Against You

As detailed above, gambles based solely on luck are designed so that only the house, i.e. the organizer, can win. Players never have a chance in the long run. The laws of math work against you. There is no winning strategy. Whoever says otherwise is lying or wrong.



Feeding the Sharks – and Professional Players

There are games where human knowledge also matters a lot. Amateurs who play as a part-time job, or for fun, or only occasionally, are the prey of sharks, professional players. Small fish are at a big disadvantage, and they lose a lot. This disadvantage can only be overcome if you also become a professional player. Otherwise, you will only increase the earnings of the pros.



Beware of Scammers, Thieves

Especially among smaller, unknown companies, there may be some that manipulate games. Others don’t pay. Still, others disappear with the money paid by the members. Particular caution is advised with online small businesses with resounding names but unknown origins. Also companies registered in tax havens, remote islands, and mini-states.

Organized crime and the gambling industry are closely intertwined in many countries over many periods.

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Casino Operation Is a Good Business

But for this, someone has to pay the price, the costs. You. The players pay the bills at the end. If you’re just playing for fun, you may not like ​​increasing the profits of strangers either. The same happens by casinos, lottery operators, online gaming operators, and all other gambling entrepreneurs. They are the real professional players who almost always win.

Tax Filling


The Tax on the Fools

In legal gambling, the state is also constantly asking for a share of the cake. Gambling is subject to heavy taxes in most countries. It can also be much more difficult to file a tax return if you also have income from gambling. (It depends on the country where you live.) Twenty to thirty percent of lottery income is taken by the state in some places.

Of the $100 you paid, 30 may belong to the state, 20 to the organizers, and only the remaining 50 percent will be distributed among the players. So the lottery is also called the tax on fools. Is this the right way to make money? I do not think so.

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There Are Smarter Hobbies Than That

Unless you are a professional gambler, you will learn very little from gambling. In many games, you can only learn about the game itself. Elsewhere, you may learn to bluff, cheat, or lie. Gambling is not a passive income either. What you win today will not give you any income later. (Read: 17 Fake Passive Income Ideas, Explained) But you can be a casino owner buying some shares of companies on the stock exchange.

How to Make Passive Income with Gambling?

“Even the ones that are good at it view much closer to a job than playing games” – wrote Gamblingsites.org about professional players. I know gambling can mean a lot of fun and relaxation for some people. This is also an important aspect. If you don’t lose too much and don’t get addicted, there’s no big problem with it. But, if you want to make money and don’t want to be a professional player with years of work, you may need to choose a better solution.

It can be more rewarding in the long run than amateur gambling if you buy stocks. You buy out of the money you save, then you forget these, for ten or twenty years. If the gaming industry is your favorite business, you can also be a casino owner. You can choose listed companies that make a profit from it. (See the readings.) That may be your passive gambling income in the long term.

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