17 Quarantine Ideas That Stay Useful Forever

Useful quarantine ideas for the future
  • Many quarantine ideas stay useful.
  • The world will never be the same.
  • We will spend more time at home also after the pandemics.
  • Let’s use our free time to invest in the future.
  • Learn, develop, become healthier, smarter.
  • Or let’s do things now so we don’t have to lose time with it later.

Clocks. Work on the future.


Why Do We Need Quarantine Ideas, and Why Forever?

Useful quarantine ideas? Aren’t they obsolete? Chances are not. The world will never be the same again. We stay in a strange new world. Every country and every person is affected by different circumstances and decisions. Some are living in quarantine and don’t go out on the streets at all, or only rarely. Others could go out, but they don’t want to. Still, others are moving around, but much less than before. Many are talking about a possible second infection wave in summer or autumn. We will see.

But the big picture shows we will spend a lot more time at home in the future. It can stay that way for years, or maybe forever. The world is taking even bigger steps now towards digitization, automation, robotization. The home office can be the new normal. Also administration on the internet, online banking, online shopping, online everything. The pandemics speed up processes and make some phenomena of the quarantine permanent.

17 Quarantine Ideas Useful Forever

The conclusion is, you will have more valuable time at home or in the places you choose. Also after the quarantine. So, what we learn or do in quarantine now will be useful later. We can invest in our future now, spending our time, effort in practical activities.



Learn a Language

Some quarantine ideas are evergreen. This is a must for most successful people. Translation programs are advancing rapidly. But knowing another language stays very useful. You can study in the old way, from books, or Internet pages. You can use applications on your mobile. (Duolingo, for example.) Whatever works best for you. If you can’t learn without a teacher, many are now teaching online. You can connect with people who speak that language, learn from virtual conversations, video chats.

Besides, you can also find new friends in the process.

Worker. Everyone needs improve.


Actualize Your Professional Knowledge

The best quarantine ideas are those which help you forward in any conditions, for the rest of your life. In all professions, there is development. There are always new techniques, knowledge, tools, advances, other changes. You can improve your professional skills to earn more money later, or to keep your job.

The Internet is a great help here too. Maybe you can reach a higher level of your career and become a boss one day.



Learn Something Brand New

A similar quarantine idea as the previous one, but a much more serious commitment. You can also start learning a whole new profession. For example, to earn more in another industry, or to have a better chance of finding a job. In some industries, people who master several fields at once are paid very well.

But you can also learn other useful things, arts, abilities, sciences. Like dancing, playing music, fixing up your house, building furniture, or gardening. Today there are articles, books, manuals, videos, and guides on the Internet on all subjects.

Woman making online business


Start an Online Business, Receive Passive Income

This quarantine ideas can change your life forever if you are successful. If you have any ideas on how to launch an online business or think you should receive a passive income later, maybe now is the right time to start. It may not be as easy as it seems at first. But if you do it right, if you invest a lot of time and work, you can succeed.

(Read these articles on passive income: 17 Fake Passive Income Ideas, Explained, Is It A Myth? – The Genuine Truth About Passive Income)



Learn How to Exercise

Quarantine or not, if you are always at home, not moving enough your body, you need to do exercises at home. Many people don’t exercise at all. Other people do, but they don’t do it well. Or they make sports but still have to reduce the calories they bring in. Many people are getting fat now in quarantine and will keep their weight down later too.

Learn the best and most effective way to exercise at home. Or at a park near your home. The Internet is full of guides and ideas.

Online and safe at home


Administration Online

Today you can solve more and more problems online, also complete administrative tasks. Bank transfers, also launching regular transfer orders. Administration in government offices. There are things you can’t fix that way, but you can ask questions by email. You can prepare your cases to fix faster later. The conditions of a loan, a trip, a marriage, a divorce, or changing your documents, for example.

It is much more comfortable to arrange whatever you can at home, from an armchair. And much safer.

Empty your folders


Select, Sort Old Documents

Maybe a boring quarantine idea, but do this task at least once in a decade. In most households, you find a lot of forgotten old documents. Official certificates, bills, receipts, appliance guides, airplane tickets, doctor’s paperwork, other papers. Throw away everything you won’t need anymore and you’ll have a lot of space on your furniture or your roof.
But remember that some official documents have a certain expiration date, for example, five or ten years. Other documents, such as those related to your jobs, incomes, or stages of a residency in a certain country, you may need forever. (To get a retirement, or nationality of a country, for example.)

Multi-person video chat



Organize Virtual Meetings

This quarantine idea helps you to maintain old friendships. For example, class meetings are hard to arrange. Especially if most people are already living in several states or cities and never have time to travel. You’ll also have old friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Now that everyone is used to video chat conversations, why not organize a big meeting? (Of course, you need a good Internet connection.) Use an application that also works on a cell phone.

Fishing rod. Have a hobby


Find or Start a Club Online

This quarantine idea can help you find new friendships. There are many interest groups such as book clubs, forums for collectors, players, dog or cat lovers, sportsmen, fishermen, fiction fans, etc. You can exchange ideas, items, trophies in these communities, and you can find new friends.

If you don’t find the ideal group, you can form your own. This can include a forum, a chat room, a mailing list, a video chat, a Facebook group, and much more.

A happy family


Help Your Beloved Ones

Maybe this quarantine idea is so simple that that’s why you don’t think about it. Do you have the habit of asking your partner, parents, children, other relatives, friends how you could help them? Perhaps there are things they want or need but don’t dare tell you. Or, they don’t believe you want to help. Spend them a little more attention in these difficult times.

Once in awhile, a few kind words or other small gesture is worth more than an expensive jewel.

A boot and a hat


Select Clothes, Shoes, Other Objects

I know that many people had this idea in quarantine and have already done so. Especially women who like to explore their closets. But if not, you can do it now when you have more time. You can also save money by rediscovering old things you can still use. (At least at home.) You free up space that can be useful later.

And you can donate clothes or shoes for the poor. Unemployment is skyrocketing in the crisis.

Family photos


Select Photos and Souvenirs

This quarantine idea is also recommended in any other long, cold winter nights. Everyone has their cell phone or digital camera these days, takes a lot of pictures, and shares a couple on the internet. But then most of it is forgotten, taking up a lot of memory on your mobile devices or computers. Select, delete everything you don’t need, share more with your family. Sort the rest into folders, albums. And what if your phone or computer breaks down or gets lost? All your photos, all your records can be lost, too. After the selection, make a backup. Google Photos hosts unlimited free photos and videos, for example.

Other people have lots of old photos on paper. Also photo negatives, camera tapes, wedding invitations and cards of school events. Tickets, travel brochures and maps, stuffed animals, dried flower bouquets, postcards. Many dust-collecting old objects with sentimental values only. Sorting and selecting them also helps to close the past psychologically. Time to close the past and turn to the future?



Learn to Cook

Cooking is useful. If you can cook already, improve your knowledge. So you can eat more diversely in quarantine. And it also serves to save more later. Many people spend a lot of money on street food, some could already buy a car with this money. (Calculate yourself: Which Is Your Best Source of Money? Investing, Saving or Earning?)

If you don’t spend so much on the street you save a lot and you might eat healthier. At least you know what the ingredients are. And you protect yourself better from diseases, also from the Covid-19 virus.

Investing chart


Investing Money Online

Many people had this quarantine idea in March and April. The number of small investors in the coronavirus crisis has increased quickly. Some people invest because they have money. Other people invest because they don’t have money and want to win some quickly. You can do it, but only if you know what you’re doing. You should never invest money in things you don’t understand. Start investing only after reading and learning a lot. Months, or years, if necessary. Investing is a profession.

And gambling is not an investment. (About investing and gambling read: 11 + 1 Grave Investment Errors Robinhood Newbies May Commit, 7 Reasons Not to Gamble Unless You Are a Professional Player)

Good reading


Reading Books is Still Cool

Is this quarantine idea obsolete in the digitized world? I know reading books seems to be an old habit from the last century for young people. But reading books can be a lot of fun, trains your imagination, and can be very instructive. Not all books are like that but the best ones are. If you used to have this habit before, you can read books you wanted to know a long time ago.

I like books that are informative, professional or have topics about my hobbies. Because in many of them the writer condenses the experiences of a decade or whole life, from which I can learn a lot. Lately, I read almost everything on a cheap tablet. But it doesn’t matter if the book is in digital or traditional form, it’s printed on paper.

Chess figure, horse


Play Smart Games

Are you a player? Well, now you can play more if you don’t get out. I know this passion, I played for many years too. But at least play things too that are training your mind, making you smarter. Like strategy or logical games, crossword puzzles, riddles, Sudoku, chess.



Get Ready for the Worst Case

The plague teaches us many things. For example, we can die any day. Are you prepared for a disaster? Also to die? What are you going to do if one of your loved ones dies next week? What happens to them if you die?

You should make a personal or familiar financial plan for the future. Also, a plan of action if someone has an accident or gets very sick at home. What numbers should you call, how to give first aid so someone to avoid bleeding out, etc. Perhaps you should make a will?
Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

Who Benefits from These Quarantine Ideas?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to tell you what to do. Not in quarantine, nor after. We are all free people. I just wanted to give you useful ideas, options that have long-term value. Some are useful only for some people. Other ideas can be used similarly by doctors, managers, mechanics, workers, or farmers. Some ideas are always useful, but because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many of us have more time and can take advantage of it.

If you have already done everything possible for you and your loved ones, if you have no more ideas or if you get bored – you can always help others. At least by listening to them, it’s free. There are forums, chats where you can talk to anyone. Look for those who are alone and need this. Many suffer now from loneliness, depressions.

7 More Useful Quarantine Ideas from Other Lists

If you’re not tired of so many quarantine ideas and lists, here’s a shorter list of other useful or healthy, “spirit-lifting” activities.


Make Online University Courses

Many useful quarantine ideas are related to learning. “Schools in the U.S. are offering 450 free courses for any adults who have spare time while trapped at home.” And very famous ones, like Harvard University or Princeton University (a list here).


Meditate or Try Yoga

Some quarantine ideas have no imminent return but make you stronger or healthier in the long term. “Meditation is one of the best things you can do right now to relieve stress and improve your well-being.” (Source) Others are recommending yoga or tantra exercises.


Plant a Container Garden

“Just because you have to stay indoors doesn’t mean you can’t get started on your spring gardening.” You can sow plants in crates, boxes on the balcony, or in the window. (Source)


Make Virtual Trips

Some quarantine ideas seem to be about entertainment but you can also accumulate knowledge in the meantime. You can make virtual trips, journeys, visit museums online on many websites. (See a list here or search for others in Google.)


Try Something New in the Bedroom

“Nothing relieves stress and adds some fun like some good sex” – and thanks to the quarantine we have more time for it. Sex can be a great exercise and help you preserve your health. (Source)


Observe Cute Animals

You can watch animals in zoos in the United States, on live web-cameras. I suppose also in other countries, visit the homepages of your favorite zoos. Why is this useful? Authors say this activity is “spirit-lifting”. (A list, a second nice list.)


Date in Quarantine

“Keeping the flame alive in the time of coronavirus”, see here.



I’m not a certified financial advisor nor a certified financial analyst, accountant nor lawyer. The contents on my site and in my posts are for informational and entertainment purposes and reflecting my collection of data, ideas, opinions. Please, make your proper research or consult your advisors before making any investment or financial or legal decisions.

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